Hatzav Aviv

Developer. Entrepreneur. Traveler.

Full stack developer and entrepreneur specializing in websites, web apps, mobile applications (native, hybrid), extensions and more. Co-Founder and CTO of meeba.
I enjoy creating, building, learning new things, exploring and helping others.


About Me

I design and develop websites, web apps, mobile applications (native, hybrid), extensions and more. I have experience as both client and server side developer, leading projects, working alone and as part of a team, managing multiple tasks and people. I also like to build things with arduino and other boards. I love learning new technologies and creating interesting projects. In my free time I like traveling, photography, drawing/ painting, playing music and more. read more

Served for four years and a half in the IDF as a communications/ operations officer in different units. Worked in a couple of startup companies (one of which is MyCheck) as a full stack developer before deciding to start my own company with my older brother Cnaan. We founded meeba in 2016 and it is currently running worldwide. Won second place in a startup competition in 2017. Participated in an accelerator program as well as in Castling's exponential innovation program for veteran officers.


html, html5 css, css3 javascript php mysql jquery android java Photoshop Linux Git


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Hatzav Aviv photography mountain

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